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Does it make how thing
"Coro Club Japan"?

CCJ is the being of it of providing the purpose information is done the communication to exchange for the one of the person which is formed into the individual home page.

Whom is the reader of
"Coro Club Japan"?

Coro is a dog.Therefore,"himataro" of the owner is caring for this club.

How is it good if being to become
the member of "Coro Club Japan"?

Register in the page of the member registration. The exclusive use contents of "the member exclusive use placarding board" and so on, too, is during the progress at present.Also, it plans to carry "the CCJ bulletin" appropriately.

How is an activity of
"Coro Club Japan"?

It not be possible to scramble and let's begin by the discussion with "the guest book" and so on.

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