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new58.gif (95 バイト) Principles of Neurosurgery(2nd Ed) Robert G. Grossman , Christopher M. Loftus /

Atlas of Cerebrovascular Disease Philip B. Gorelick / Current Medicine

Brain Surgery : Complication Avoidance and Management

Neurosurgery(2nd Ed,3 Vols Set)

Neurological Surgery(4th Ed,5 Vols Set)

The Practice of Neurosurgery(3 Vols Set) Tindallの脳神経外科の実際(3冊セット)

Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Philip L. Gildenberg , Ronald R. Tasker / McGraw Hill Text


Neurosurgical Procedures : Personal Approaches to Classic Operations (Current Neurosurgical Practice) 脳神経外科 手術手技

new58.gif (95 バイト) Surgery of the Third Ventricle(2nd Ed) Michael L. J. Apuzzo / Williams & Wilkins / 第三脳室の手術

Reoperative Neurosurgery 脳神経外科の再手術

Intraoperative Neuroprotection 外科手術中の神経保護


new58.gif (95 バイト) Essentials of Spinal Microsurgery John A. McCulloch, Paul H. Young, Ossama Al-Mefty / Lippincott-Raven / エッセンシャル 脊椎のマイクロサージャリー


Head Injury(3rd Ed) 頭部外傷


new58.gif (95 バイト) Subarachnoid Hemorrhage : Causes and Cures Weir / F A Davis / クモ膜下出血

new58.gif (95 バイト) Cerebrovascular Disease : Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management Julien Bogousslavsky , Myron D. Ginsberg / Blackwell Science / 脳血管疾患

new52.gif (95 バイト) Managment of Ischemic Stroke Stanley N. Cohen M.D. / McGraw Hill / 虚血性脳卒中の治療

Stroke : A Practical Guide to Management Charles Warlow , J. Van Gijn, G. J. Hankey, Jan Vana Gijn, Martin Dennis / Blackwell Science

new58.gif (95 バイト) Restorative Neurology : Advances in Pharmacotherapy for Recovery After Stroke Larry B. Goldstein /

Medical Management of Stroke : A Guide for Rehabilitation Specialists Scott Silliman / Aspen Pub

new58.gif (95 バイト) Outcomes in Neurological and Neurosurgical Disorders Michael Swash / Cambridge Univ Pr / 神経疾患と脳外科的疾患の予後

new58.gif (95 バイト) Neurological Disabilities : Assessment and Treatment Susan Bennett / Lippincott-Raven / 神経機能障害 評価と治療


Anesthesia and Neurosurgery(3rd Ed) 麻酔と脳神経外科学




Microsurgical Anatomy of the Brain : A Stereo Atlas/Book Reels Viewer

Atlas of Surgical Neurotology 神経耳科学と頭蓋底アトラス

Neurosurgical Operative Atlas(Vol.3) 脳神経外科手術アトラス


Human Neuroanatomy(9th Ed) Andre Parent, Malcolm B. Carpenter / Williams & Wilkins / カーペンター神経解剖学

Core Text of Neuroanatomy(4th Ed) Malcolm B. Carpenter / Williams & Wilkins


Neuroanatomy(2nd Ed)(Board Review) James D., Ph.D. Fix / Williams & Wilkins

Neuroanatomy (National Medical Series forIndependent Study) William Demyer / Harwal Pub

Neuroanatomy : A Functional Atlas of Parts and Pathways Ray Poritsky / Mosby-Year Book

Functional Neuroanatomy : Text and Atlas Adel K. Affifi, Ronald A. Bergman / McGraw Hill / Coming soon !

Textbook of Neuroanatomy Alvin M., Ph.D. Burt / W B Saunders

Student's Atlas of Neuroanatomy Walter J. Hendelman / W B Saunders

Medical Neuroanatomy : A Problem-Oriented Manual With Annotated Atlas Frank H. Willard, Daniel P. Perl / Lippincott-Raven Publishers

High-Yield Neuroanatomy (Board ReviewSeries) James D. Fix / Williams & Wilkins

The Human Central Nervous System : A Color Atlas With MRI Correlations Joseph E. Hanaway, Thomas A. Woolsey, Mokhtar Gado, melvil Roberts / W B Saunders / Coming soon !

The Human Brain : An Introduction to Its Functional Anatomy Nolte / Mosby-Year Book

The Human Brain in Photographs and Diagrams John Nolte, Jay B., Jr. Angevine / Mosby-Year Book

Slide Set to Accompany the Human Brain in Photographs and Diagrams John Nolte, Jay Angevine / Mosby-Year Book / スライドセット

Atlas of the Human Brain Lothar Jennes, Harold H. Traurig, P. Michaell Conn / Lippincott-Raven Publishers

The Human Nervous System(5th Ed) : Structure and Function Charles R. Noback, Norman L. Strominger, Robert J. Demarest / Williams & Wilkins

The Human Nervous System : An Anatomical Viewpoint(6th Ed) Murray L., Md Barr, John A. Kiernan / Lippincott-Raven Publishers


Basic and Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord and Ans Gregory D. Cramer, Susan A. Darby / Mosby-Year Book

An Atlas of Vascular Anatomy of the Skeleton and Spinal Cord Henry V. Crock / Mosby-Year Book



A Textbook of Neuropathology(3rd Ed) 神経病理学テキストブック

Principles and Practice of Neuropathology James S. Et Al Nelson / Mosby-Year Book

Color Atlas and Text of Neuropathology David Graham, James W. Ironside, Jeanne E. Bell / Wolfe Pub

Clinical Neuropathology James S. Nelson, Paul E. McKeever / Mosby-Year Book

Neuropathology : The Diagnostic Approach Julio H. Garcia , Herbert Budka , Paul E. McKeever / Mosby-Year Book

Neuropathology David Ellison, Leila Chimelli, Brian Harding, Seth Love, jam Lowe / Mosby-Year Book / Coming soon !

Manual of Basic Neuropathology(3rd Ed) Jacques Poirier, Francoise Gray, Raymond Escourolle / W B Saunders

Pathology of the Peripheral Nerve (Major Problems in Pathology, Vol 32) Edward P., Jr. Richardson, Umberto De Girolami / W B Saunders

Pediatric Neuropathology Duckett,S.,M.D./ Lea & Febiger / 小児神経病理学

Atlas of Tumor Pathology Tumors of the Central Nervous System (Atlas of Tumor Pathology, 3rd Series, Vol 10) / Amer Registry of Pathology

The Gliomas Mitchell S. Berger, Charles B. Wilson / W B Saunders



new58.gif (95 バイト) Cranial and Spinal MRI and CT(4th Ed) S. Howard Lee , Robert A. Zimmerman, Krishna C. Rao / McGraw Hill / 頭蓋と脊髄のMRIとCT 第4版

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain and Spine(2nd Ed)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of CNS Disease : A Teaching File Douglas H., Jr. Yock / Mosby / 中枢神経系疾患のMRI診断

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography of the Head and Spine(2nd Ed) 頭部・脊椎のMRIとCT

Imaging of CNS Disease a CT and MR Teaching File(2nd Ed) Douglas H., Jr. Yock / Year Book


Neuroradiology : The Requisites (Requisites Series) Grossmanの必須神経放射線学

Neuroradiology(3rd Ed) Taverasの神経放射線学

Diagnostic Neuroradiology Anne G. Osborn, Julian Maack / Mosby / Osbornの神経放射線学

Handbook of Neuroradiology : Brain and Skull (Handbooks in Radiology Series)(2nd Ed) Anne G. Osborn, Karen A. Tong / Mosby /Osbornの神経放射線学ハンドブック

Neurodiagnostic Imaging : Pattern Analysis and Differential Diagnosis J. Randy Jinkins, Claudia Da Costa Leite / Lippincott-Raven


MRI in Pediatric Neuroradiology 小児神経放射線学 MRI画像診断


new58.gif (95 バイト) Emergency CT Scans of the Head : A Practical Atlas A. Adam Cwinn, Stephen Z. Grahovac / Mosby-Year Book / 頭部の救急CT



Head and Neck Surgery(2nd Ed,Vol 1) H. H. Naumann , J. Helms / Thieme Medical Pub

Head and Neck Surgery :Ear(2nd Ed,Vol 2) H. H. Naumann , J. Helms / Thieme Medical Pub

Head and Neck Surgery :Face(2nd Ed,Vol 2) H. H. Naumann, E. Kastenbauer, M.E. Tardy / Thieme Medical Pub


The Neck : Diagnosis and Surgery William W. Shockley, Harold C. Pillsbury / Mosby-Year Book


An Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery(3rd Ed) John M. Lore / W B Saunders

Shah : CD-Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery Jatin Shah / Mosby-Year Book


new58.gif (95 バイト) Head and Neck Surgery--Otolaryngology(2nd Ed) Byron J. Bailey / Lippincott-Raven / 頭頚部外科・耳鼻咽喉科

Head and Neck Surgery--Otolaryngology (CD-ROM) Byron J. Bailey, Anthony Pazos / Lippincott-Raven

Atlas of Head & Neck Surgery : Otolaryngology Byron J. Bailey, Karen H. Calhoun, Amy R. Coffey, J. Gail Neely / Lippincott-Raven / 頭頚部外科・耳鼻咽喉科アトラス

0397513151.gif (12107 バイト)

Head and Neck Surgery-- Otolarygology : Self-Assessment/Study Guide Byron J. Bailey / Lippincott-Raven


Anesthesia for Facial Plastic Surgery Thomas A. Nique, Harold Kai Tu / Thieme Medical Pub

Anesthesia for Extracranial Surgery of the Head and Neck Allan C.D. Brown / McGraw Hill


Mechanical Neck Pain : Perspective in Functional Anatomy James A. Porterfield, Carl Derosa / W B Saunders


Complications in Head and Neck Surgery David W., M.D. Eisele / B C Decker

Complications in Head and Neck Surgery Yosef P. Krespi, Robert H. Ossoff / W B Saunders


Facial Surgery : Plastic and Reconstructive MacK L. Cheney / Williams & Wilkins


Fundamentals of Maxillofacial Surgery James W. Ferraro / Springer Verlag

Georgiade Plastic, Maxillofacial, and Reconstructive Surgery(3rd Ed) Gregory S. Georgiade , Ronald Riefkohl , L. Scott Levin / Williams & Wilkins

Endosseous Implants for Maxillofacial Reconstruction Michael S. Block, John N. Kent / W B Saunders

Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery(3rd Ed) Larry J. Peterson , Edward, III Ellis , James R. Hupp / Mosby-Year Book / 最新口腔外科・顎顔面外科

0815166990.gif (12430 バイト)

Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Larry J. Peterson / Lippincott-Raven

Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Fixation Robert M. Kellmann, Lawrence J. Marenetette / Raven Press

Reconstructive Preprosthetic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery(2nd Ed) Raymond J. Fonseca, W. Howard Davis / W B Saunders

Lasers in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery R. Kim Davis / W B Saunders

Laser Applications in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Guy A. Catone , Charles C. Alling / W B Saunders

Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery David A. Keith / W B Saunders

Atlas of Major Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Mark E.K. Wong, John F. Helfrick, James V. Johnson, Terry D. Tayor / W B Saunders / Coming soon !

Controversies in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Philip Worthington, John R. Evans / W B Saunders

Complications in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Leonard B. Kaban , M. Anthony Pogrel, David H. Perrott / W B Saunders

Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma Raymond J. Fonseca , Robert V. Walker / W B Saunders

Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma(2nd Ed) Raymond J. Fonseca , Robert V. Walker , Norman Betts / W B Saunders

Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Leonard B. Kaban / W B Saunders

Oral Surgery Gordon W. Pedersen / W B Saunders


new58.gif (95 バイト) Aesthetic Perspectives in Jaw Surgery Harvey M. Rosen / Springer Verlag

new58.gif (95 バイト) Distraction of the Craniofacial Skeleton Joseph G. McCarthy / Springer Verlag


Skull Base Surgery : Anatomy, Biology, and Technology Ivo P. Janecka , Klaus Tiedemann / Lippincott-Raven

Surgery of Cranial Base Tumors Laligam N. Sekhar, Ivo P. Janecka / Raven Press


Atlas of Regional and Free Flaps for Head and Neck Reconstruction Mark L. Urken, MacK L. Cheney, Michael J. Sullivan / Raven Press

Local Flaps and Free Skin Grafts in Head and Neck Reconstruction Janusz Bardach, Hani Elkadi / Year Book Medical Pub

Atlas of Access and Reconstruction in Head and Neck Surgery Donald G. Sessions, Charles W. Cummings / Mosby-Year Book

Cancer of the Head and Neck(3rd Ed) Eugene N. Myers , James Y. Suen / W B Saunders

Comprehensive Management of Head and Neck Tumors(2nd Ed) Stanley E. Thawley / W B Saunders / Coming soon !

Management of Head and Neck Cancer : A Multidisciplinary Approach(2nd Ed) Rodney R. Million, Nicholas J. Cassisi / Lippincott-Raven

Practical Approach to Head and Neck Tumors Jack Gluckman, Patrick Gullane, Jonas Johnson / Raven Press


Otologic Surgery Derald E. Brackmann, Clough Shelton, Moises A. Arriaga / W B Saunders

Atlas of Otologic Surgery Marcos V. Goycoolea, Michael M. Paparella, Rick L. Nissen / W B Saunders

Operative Otolaryngology : Head and Neck Surgery Eugene N. Myers , Ricardo L. Carrau , Stephen P. Cass / W B Saunders

Surgery for Cancer of the Larynx and Related Structures(2nd Ed) Carl E. Silver, Alfio Ferlito, Hugh Thomas / W B Saunders




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