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Ohto Village in Nara (Winter in '05)

We visited to Ohto Village in Nara for viewing stars. My wife and Mother have seen Saturn's rings for the first time through the telescope. You can see the village planetarium and astronomical observatory in the left picture. (21/2/05) Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory Photo with the Staff

Dogo Hot Spring in Mastuyama (Summer in '04)

We visited to Dogo hot spring near my mother's hometown. The left picture is Dogo Hot Spling Main House and the right is Mastuyama Castle. (10/8/04)

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Lake Biwa (Eary Spring in '04)

Few days ago, I visited Lake Biwa North. It was not good weather, but we could be relaxed very much. Pictures below are the Pension Bigfoot, we stayed. (18/3/04)

Pension Bigfoot Dining room of the Pension

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